Lowongan Kerja 2015 Total E&P Indonesie, Marine Inspector, Instrument Technician, Site Inspection Supervisor [Januari]

KerjahTotal E&P Indonesie Sebagai Kontraktor Kontrak Kerja Sama (KKKS) SKKMIGAS, Total E&P Indonesie memproduksi migas dari lapangan Bekapai, Handil, Tunu dan Peciko yang berada di wilayah Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara, Kalimantan Timur.

Total E&P Indonesie didirikan di Jakarta, 14 Agustus 1968, dengan lapangan awal saat itu diseputar delta mahakam. Lapangan awal mereka di bekapai dan Handil kala itu, diperkuat dengan ditemukannya lapangan Tambora pada tahun 1974 dan Tunu pada tahun 1977. Lapangan Tunu yang dikembangkan pada tahun 90-an menjadi penyumbang utama supply gas bagi Total E&P Indonesie hingga kini.

Peciko, Selain TOTAL E&P Indonesie, TOTAL SA sebagai perusahaan induk dari TEPI, TOTAL, SA juga memiliki affiliasi downstream di Indonesia, yaitu PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia (TOI)

Total E&P Indonesie mengundang anda untuk bergabung menjadi bagian dari tim kami dengan posisi:

Penerimaan Karyawan Total E&P Indonesie 2015

Marine Inspector
Location: Kalimantan Timur
CLOSED DATE : 28 Februari 2015

Conduct Routine and incidental inspection of all contracted and prospected vessels in good and timely manner to ensure the vessels compliance with TOTAL HSE.

• Monitor for all floating support used in Kalimantan district to be in compliance with TOTAL HSE.
• Conduct routine inspection of all contracted vessels to ensure Company Marine and Safety standards are being maintained on board in good and timely manner
• Assist and advise on technical specifications for tender documentation and evaluation of bids to ensure proper qualifications for vessel.
• Maintain continuity of personnel competency development, and availability of marine inspection data base to provide transparent and auditable performance report.

• Marine Officer or Marine Engineer Class 1
• Min. 4 years sea service experiences as senior engineer, advantage experience with TI and type of vessels in use.
• Distinc advantage experience as ISM auditor or Class Surveyor.
• Ideally progression from inspector marine 1 to gain experience of TI marine standards.
• Min. 7 years in relevant experiences.
• Education Dicipline: Marine Officer or Marine Engineer Class 1

Instrument Technician
Location: Kalimantan Timur
CLOSED DATE : 30 Juni 2015

Perform maintenance, troubleshoot, repair and overhaul activities of various electrical equipments to ensure electrical equipments and electrical safety system are reliable and ready to support production process

• Perform the jobs related to services matters in order to respect the HSE policies and procedures
• Perform maintenance activities as per maintenance plan restore and ensure the availability and reliability all instrument equipments
• Perform repair and overhaul activities to restore the reliability of instrument equipments

• Min. Diploma Degree 1 or Senior High School plus 1 year training
• Min. 3 years experience on relevant area
• Education Dicipline: Diploma Degree 1 or Senior High School plus 1 year training

Lowongan Januari 2015 lainnya:

Site Inspection Supervisor
Location: Kalimantan Timur
CLOSED DATE : 28 Februari 2015

Implement and control the site inspection activities in coordination with Inspection Department in accordance with relevant standard and regulations to ensure the fitness-for-purpose condition of all production static facilities on site, and to maintain continuity of production operation in a safely and efficiently manner.

• Coordinate and control the jobs related to Site Inspection in order to respect HSE policies and procedures.
• Control the site inspection activities to ensure the quality compliance of inspection program with relevant applicable TOTAL specification, government regulation and any international recognized standards.
• Control the fitness-for-purpose all production facilities in order to guarante the smooth delivery process of exported gas and liquid.
Provide technical corrosion and inspection assistance on a daily basis to assist Site Manager and other related entities on site to ensure the integrity status of production static facilities

• Minimum Bachelor Degree of Engineering or Highschool Degree that starts from Inspector
• Minimum 5 years experience in Oil & Gas Industry both offshore and onshore operations (for Bachelor Degree)
• Minimum 10 years experience in Oil & Gas Industry both offshore and onshore operations (for Highschool Degree)
• Education Dicipline: Bachelor Degree of Engineering or Highschool Degree that starts from Inspector

Lowongan Kerja Total E&P Indonesie

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